Concord Rangers – East Thurrock BETTING PREDICTION 20 February 2018


Concord Rangers – East Thurrock BETTING PREDICTION


Concord Rangers
He was on the 16th place with 34 points gathered after 29 rounds.
It is not a good time to lose 3 of the last 5 games at 0.
Home things are changing, it’s unbeaten by 8 games and 4 of the last 5 have won.
The offensive is just over the other two bands and has scored 35 times so far.
The defense is much better and is the 9th with 41 goals scored in the 29 duels.

East Thurrock
It is 3 places higher, 13th, with 39 points after 28 stages.
And it comes after a weak series of 6 matches without victory and 3 of them lost.
She has been defeated in 3 of the previous 4 games in the championship so it’s not too good.
It is based on the 3rd most effective attack in this league with 53 successes.
The defensive is at the opposite pole, the 4th weakest and has won not less than 56 goals.

Direct meetings
14 times they have even fought and East Thurrock is in a rather small advantage.
She has 5 wins, and Concord Rangers has 3 and 6 times finished.
They have played 2 times this season, Thurrock has won the Essex Cup and Rangers Championship.
The last duel on Thames Road ended indecisively, score 1-1.

My BETTING PREDICTION Concord Rangers vs. East Thurrock
They face two of the weakest defenses in this league, 3rd and 4th in the rankings of this chapter, so I think there are great chances to see goals in both gates.
In these inferior esoas in England, an offensive football is usually practiced, with the guard down and usually marks a lot of times and side by side.
The guests have the 3rd strongest attack in this championship and it’s hard to believe they will not even have their names on the scoreboard, and the hosts have a great chance to do it because it evolves in front of their supporters.
In the last eight games in the home of the Concord Rangers championship he scored both her and her opponent.
And in the past ten East-Thurrock’s National League South games, it has only happened 3 times that we have no success on both sides.
And in 7 of the last 8 direct meetings between the two bands both scored, with the exception being an Essex Cup game that took place on Turrock’s ground and the guests did not sign up then, but now they will play at home and there will be something else.


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