Coritiba vs Criciúma Betting Tips 27.04.2018


Coritiba vs Criciúma Soccer Prediction Today


With the leaps and bounds, Coritiba played his role as principal and managed to soften the crisis, beating Atletico Goianiense by the minimum score. It was the first match of the club after the change in the coaching staff. Tonight, coach Eduardo Baptista will actually take over the team.
In terms of dedication, the team is expected to keep pace with the team from Goiás. As it is not yet in its splendor of confidence, make the layout its pillar, especially when you have the differential of the fans to support, must be the flagship of the Thigh. Watching the rival in an uncomfortable phase, in a new atmosphere after the change of the technical commission, the Thigh, in its way, will seek its second victory.
The coach Eduardo Baptista will have the base used against Atlético Goianiense at disposal.


After showing a praised reaction in the state with the arrival of coach Argel Fucks, it seems, the Criciúma once again lived with the lack of confidence due to adverse results. The Tiger lost the two matches that played in this Series B.
The team has not stopped fighting, in fact. However, that something else to turn dedication into points, has been lacking. Concentrating on giving a little more at both ends is the main step to have more possibilities in the field. The fact that the rival is still in place, coupled with the positive numbers he has had as a visitor to play in the mistakes of opponents, make the Criciúma have some hope. You’ll have to devote more time, though.
Coach Algiers Fucks has doubts only on the tactical side. The base used in recent games may change.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Coritiba vs Criciúma

Coritiba won, but it did not convince. The Criciúma did not do such bad performances, but lost both games played. I think it’s a pretty challenging game here. Neither team has an offensive differential nor the confidence to play offense. A new stumbling block may mean too much for either side, either through total crisis or lack of confidence. I imagine it to be a tense game, decided in small details, with few goals coming to pass.

Prediction Today: Less than AH 3 Goals

Odds: 1.27


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